IWAY SYS - Services

Every day IWAY SYS www.iwaysys.com proposes his clients across our two web portals and www.iway.es activities of leisure in the Dominican Republic. The activities are renewed every day by the purpose of offering to our clients a selection of the best experiences of the island. Only it is possible to buy the activities that appear in the web. The activities have a limited time of purchase that they appear in the clock, nevertheless, and for the popularity of the same ones, two or three times are published for week, depending the availability. The payment is realized in the same web, e-mail and transfer and e-mail and payments for sererva. Once finished the on-line purchase you will receive in your e-mail an e Voucher, the comprovante of the purchase that is the coupon personalized with the information name, surnames, Country of origin, e-mail, hotel and room, activity, date and bought hour and hour of withdrawal in the lobby of your hotel. The equipmelnt will gather you the indicated day, it is not necessary that you stamp and Boucher, we all have copy of the same one.

How can I find out about the offer of the day?

  • You can visualize the activities so often since want in our web portals Other means: for e-mail partners, telephone and YouTube.
  • You can write to us an e-mail info@iwaysys.com to receive information or across the form of Contact and we will contact ourselves with you.
  • Also you can make yourself a fan of our page in Facebook, Instagram, TikToc, and YouTube, since there also we publish information.

Services that we offer:

  • Classic Excursions new Excursions to satisfy the relay travelers and of different typology made-to-measure
  • Travel packages: flight + hotel + transferts
  • Excursions premium private
  • Excursions Transfers in car, air and maritime
  • Rent of car, jeep or motorcycle travelling
  • Circuits travelling Circuits of golf
  • GreenFees of correspondence in dif.
  • Golf courses Circuits of golf
  • Concerts international figures cultural
  • Night life at Coco Bongo Disco & Show, Oro Night Club Hard Rock Hotel & Imagine Cueva Disco
  • Events with tradition solidary and awkward
  • Events Dominican Republic
  • Excursions travel incentive mice