WAY SYS participates in Christmas Bazaar 2016 in Punta Cana Corporative Solidarity Event

We participate DIRECTLY IN FUND RAISING to buy Equipampiento for the new OSCAR DE LA RENTA PEDRIATRICO Center in Verón, going to spend the day with us, participating in the Solidarity Raffle with incredible prizes of a large number of solidarity companies with social conscience and all The funds were destined to this great social work that every year at this time organizes the Punta Cana Group and Punta Cana Village. There were children's activities, exhibitions of nativity scenes, handicrafts exhibitions, clothing etc and gastronomic tastings, workshops, and representation of the Nativity of Bethlehem. IWAY SYS ® VIP AND CLASS EXCURSIONS also participated with The Fun Fun Cave excursion with lunch included for two people. It is an excursion in which you will also enjoy a horseback ride in the Haitises National Park. Day 3 of December Place: Punta Cana Village, next Punta Cava. Time: 11-21pm